So many small dogs needing homes

One of the first calls of the day was about a badly injured cat near Pwllheli. I did the usual ring around people to get help to him as quickly as possible and as usual nobody is in when you ring! Eventually I had success with one of our new volunteers Matthew who lived in the area. He went out immediately to pick up the cat and take him/her to our Vet, also in Pwllheli but sadly the cat was too badly injured and had to be put to sleep.He may have been a feral cat, he was a big unneutered black and white male and nobody has reported such a cat missing.

I cannot believe how many toy dogs are in need of homes, not only have we had several chihuahuas the past few weeks but another two are now on our waiting list as well as a cross chihuahua/Bichon frise and a pair of Shi Tzus(These are going to a wonderful home this weekend) When I first started rescue work this would be very uncommon but nowadays most shelters admit toy breeds as well as the usual Staffies and bull breeds etc.

Bryn lurcher who was rehomed yesterday is being returned, he is too lively for their own dog to tolerate.Such a shame, Bryn is a wonderful dog and best of all he is wonderful with cats.That makes a good change for a lurcher for which we have no history.Most lurchers we admit here, are working dogs which have gone missing whilst out hunting but this dog must have been a pet.I will never understand why dogs are left unclaimed,especially ones which are so good natured like this one.

I had been trying to find homes for 60 budgerigars and have managed to get 20 into a good aviary home and I am waiting for a homecheck to be done for the remainder. It has proved to be harder than I expected to find them a good place,The first 20 went to Nicky who is a Fresh fields supporter and I knew they would be fine living in her aviary but we only had one request for the remainder.I would never rehome a bird to live in a small cage,nor would I rehome one to spend its life isolated from its own species.

I fear many otherwise kind people overlook the needs of their pet budgerigars(and others). How would we like to be isolated from other humans for our entire lives (though I must admit sometimes I feel that would be lovely !) and be confined to just one small room (not so great) which would not allow us to have freedom to run and move freely? I doubt that even one person would say yes to that question, yet they are happy to condemn birds to live exactly that life. It makes no sense. Such people must have a total lack of empathy for their animals. Aviaries, of course, are still just large cages but they have good wing space and can interact with other birds which should be a requisite for all birds.I hate the term cage birds because there should be no such thing! There is a poem from which I remember my mother quoting a line ‘A bird in a gilded cage sends all heaven in a rage’.I have no idea who wrote it, does anybody else recognise the words? If so please email me, I would love to hear the rest of the poem –

Speaking of lack of empathy, fairly recently I turned down a home for a dog because they had a lonely rabbit locked in a hutch( no exercise run either )The rabbit, according to our homechecker had little bedding and food inside its prison, she herself was very upset. My own reason for turning them down was because of their attitude towards one of their so called pets. I explained politely that my concern was the way their rabbit was kept and before I could say anything further, the woman completely blew up in a rage, insisting the rabbit was well cared for and they were not prepared to change its lifestyle or pass on to a rescue or good home because they had bought him for their grand daughter who liked to play with him when she visited! She quite obviously had no regard for the welfare of the animal, he was simply a plaything, a toy for a visiting child.The rest of the time he received basic care and not even adequate care. I could not entrust one of our dogs to live in a home with such an attitude towards the keeping of pets. One of the things our homecheckers look for when they visit a home is the condition and welfare of any other family pets. It shows just how kind they are or in some cases the opposite.It can be a good yardstick with which to measure their suitability for one of our treasured rescue animals.

Wednesday :
Tried all day to find a place for a German Shepherd aged 8 years. It really is difficult homing dogs when we cannot keep them at the shelter itself. Thank goodness for our fantastic foster carers.Jack was found lying next to his dead owner and a last minute desperate plea on Freshfields facebook page has found a foster home for poor old Jack who is alone in his house at the moment. Hopefully GSD rescue will be able to find him a forever home. Do you know that in spite of our limited resources for dogs, we still managed to find homes for 150 dogs last year. Not too bad is it?

Just received call from police, deceased person found in house, several dead cats and at least eight others in dire need of food/care. We have the space but not the money to care for them but they cannot be left another night in the house which is going to be boarded up by the Police after they leave tonight. I feel sure these cats will be almost feral as are so many which live alongside animal hoarders which seems to be the case here. I will try to find the time to update on this situation in the morning.

The RSPCA were also informed about the cat situation and called us to say that they were on their way to the house and would let us know if we could help once they assessed the situation. Fair enough , though there is no chance for the cats if they do prove to be feral unless they have a home lined up! Mind you I would not be surprised if the cats were all ill as well as feral. These situations are seldom straight forward rescues. At least they will not be left starving,small comfort I know but some comfort is better than none.

This will be my last blog for a couple of weeks, I am going away on holiday and although I will miss my animals dreadfully, I am leaving them in Mei’s capable hands.Frankly I need a bit of breathing space away from the demands of 24/7 shelter life.

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