Franchesca came to Freshfields after she was rescued from the T&S meat & fur farm with her mum & 4 siblings. Thankfully Franchesca was only 6 weeks old so didn’t suffer any of the horrors many of the other rescued rabbits had.
We sadly had to separate Franchesca from her siblings as they started to fight as they grew up. So Franchesca will be looking for her perfect husbun & forever home.
She is a confident & excitable girl who will zoom around when breakfast is coming.
If you think that Franchesca could be the perfect rabbit for your family, please get in touch at with photos of your rabbit set up.
We ask that all hutches are permanently attached to a run, measuring at least 5ft by 7ft. The bottom, if on grass, must be meshed, but if on concrete, will not. If you are considering Franchesca as a house rabbit, all wiring will need to be safely hidden away from nibbling teeth and an exercise area must be accessible at all times.