Where your £’s go

We are incredibly grateful for every donation we receive. It is only through your support that we are able to carry on with our work that means so much to us and you.

We know that your gifts are intended for the animals and we do our very best to ensure that the larger part of your donation always goes directly towards helping them.

76% of the money we receive is spent directly benefiting the animals.

24% is spent on the things we need to do to secure the long-term direction of the charity and to generate income such as the running of our charity shops, organising fundraising events and spreading the word so that more people are aware of the many animals in need and of how they can play a part in helping them. We also have a responsibility to ensure that our charity is run properly and that we adhere to all the rules and regulations set out for us.

Freshfields Spending

  • Directly benefits the animals 76% 76%
  • Governance 24% 24%

We believe that to have the balance right, we will always strive to spend the bulk of your donation to directly benefit the animals. 

Operating an animal rescue charity for one month can be expensive, and is currently ever-increasing.

Heat & Light (£)

Veterinary care (£)

Special Foods & Bedding (£)

Typically day to day:

£10 will microchip an animal so if they are lost they can be reunited and find their way home.

£10 provides vaccine to guard against disease.

£20 provides 24 pouches of veterinary prescription cat food.

£20 pays for diagnostic testing.

£30 will neuter a cat.

£30 buys hay for our sheep for the week.

£50 helps pay for dental treatment for our horses.

sarah vet

You can see why your donations are so important to us! Without your support we could not continue.

The above costs are correct as at October 2022

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