Bull Breed Welfare

Since 2012 we have been supporting Bull Breed Welfare providing advice and promoting responsible ownership to dog owners across Merseyside.

So… what is a bull breed dog?

The term ‘bull breed’ was originally used in reference to all dog breeds that are ‘bulldog like‘.  In simple terms  Bull dog breeds are a category of dogs that have some common characteristics, such as being compact, bold, confident, affectionate, and loyal  They have a history of being bred for bull baiting, and many have Mastiff ancestors.

Our pledge to help unwanted bull breed dogs!

As an animal rescue, every day we face the challenge of the ever-growing number of dogs needing our help, many of which are bull breeds.   They are being brought to our door as strays, added to our waiting lists or worse dumped around our  Liverpool rescue centre.  We receive numerous calls from members of the public and sometimes the authorities requesting help with bull breeds found straying too.

The simple fact that most Staffordshire Bull Terriers, sensitive, people dependant individuals that they are,  do not do well in a kennel environment, it is obvious that filling our kennels with bull breeds dogs is about as effective a solution to the ‘problem’ as placing a sticking plaster on a gunshot wound!

The ‘problem’ of bull breed dogs stems from overpopulation. The sheer volume of these animals compared with the number of homes available.


So what is the answer? And how do we go about providing it?

The answer, is not to turn your dog out onto the street once it becomes an irritation or the cost of caring for and keeping it becomes too much, it’s not to put them to sleep unnecessarily.

It’s to neuter them.  It is the only solution to reduce the population and put an end to the terrible outcomes suffered by so many of these poor, unwanted dogs.

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