About YOU

That’s because, the rescue and re-homing of animals in desperate need is YOUR work, work that YOU make happen!

The rest of us… loyal, hard working, dedicated and determined (and we are all of that), undertake roles as custodians. Carefully guided by the tenets of Freshfields ethos, we carry out our day to day duties to fulfil the challenge YOU have set for us.

We are totally committed to making the difference to animals in desperate need that YOU have tasked us with.

YOU first, US second… that’s the natural order of things and we are very comfortable with this.

Because, here for each other in this way, we are the best kind of team, making the most incredible difference, as we positively transform the lives of animals every single day!

You are regular folk, bringing about significant change. You are the retired, the working and the unemployed. You are policemen, shop workers, students, homemakers, road sweepers, doctors, bar staff, hairdressers, politicians… YOU are game-changers, from every walk of life.

YOU take action, and YOU make our world a better place!

  • You support your work via Freshfields with cash gifts in response to specific needs as they arise.
  • You support your work via Freshfields with regular cash gifts to ensure we  effectively sustain your rescue work.
  • You ensure the rescue of animals in need, far beyond your own lifetime, by leaving a gift to Freshfields in your will.
  • You donate goods to sell to raise funds via the Freshfields charity shops.
  • You volunteer your time and energies to raise funds or help out with the animals.

You are our Corporate Sponsors, respected professionals with exceptional reach:

  • You help to raise Freshfields profile by partnering with us.
  • You support Freshfields to achieve more by raising funds for us.
  • You actively promote Freshfields to your staff and through your networks

You are those Grant Making Bodies, that:

See value in the work that Freshfields undertakes on behalf of animals, having faith and trust in us to deliver the outcomes we promise and that your organisation requires.

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