Freshfields Hedgehog over-wintering project

384 – Olivia came in as she was wandering around in the day time at 202g. Treated for lungworm.  She is too small to be released this year.


386 – Elijah was wandering around at 187g. Dehydrated when brought in, he has been treated for Lungworm and Fluke. He now needs to put weight on before release in spring.

356 – Oliver was brought in as he had an infected wound to his back. This was cleaned up, and he was given antibiotics plus pain meds till it had all cleared up. He also needed treatment for lungworm and roundworm. He didn’t gain enough weight to be released this year.

405 –Sophia was found wandering around in the day at 181g. She had fluke, lungworm, and roundworm. She has had treatment for all 3 but was too small to be released this year.


363 x 3 – Heidi, Holly & Hailey were walking around in the day at 131g, 132g & 92g. They were treated for Fluke and a nasty internal infection. They are too small to survive hibernation.



392 – William, was admitted with an infected wound to the head, which needed cleaning up, removal of dead skin, and then stitching by our vet. He needed antibiotics and pain meds. We also found lungworm and roundworm which needed treatment.   William will go into a pre-release pen to go into hibernation when he finishes all his medical treatment.


421 – Thomas, had an infected wound to the side. Dehydrated and with a fungal infection on the skin. (ringworm) will need treatment over the winter. We also found lungworm and roundworm. He definitely would not have survived over winter with all his issues and at a low weight of just 121g.



159 – Charles,  found with an awful wound to the head. He needed antibiotics and pain meds. Our Vets found his lower jaw was fractured, and his right eye was damaged beyond repair. He needed several months of pain meds and antibiotics. The good news is he is recovering amazingly well.  His jaw works perfectly, he only has his 1 working eye but will be ok to be released in spring.



308 –Christopher,  out in the day at 225g, he was treated for lungworm, roundworm and fluke but still not improving. Vets found that he had white muscle disease of the heart from a nutritional deficiency. He has several vitamins and minerals mixed into his food and after 6 weeks of treatment, his heart is healthy! He didn’t however gain enough weight in time to be released so will stay until spring.



417- Charlotte was admitted the end of October as she wasn’t big enough for hibernation. She tested clear for worms so far but will keep monitoring her.



In 2007 hedgehogs were made a priority conservation species in Britain under the then UK Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP). 

Every year we rescue, rehabilitate and release over 500 hedgehogs. This endangered species is in desperate need of our help. We are working to protect them and tackle the threats to their ability to survive and thriveWith the number of admittances running well into triple figures and requests for our help often daily, our dedicated team works tirelessly for every hog, ensuring that each receives the very best care possible.  

When hedgehogs in our care remain unwell, continue to receive medical treatment, or simply do not have sufficient fat reserves to be released, they stay with us over winter.

How can you help?

We have over 80 hedgehogs over­ wintering with us. Each hog will be provided with daily care: cage cleaned, fresh bedding, water and food. They receive excellent medical and veterinary care. They are weighed weekly, and their progress is charted along with any other medical concerns.   These efforts equate to hours of work each and every day. In monetary terms, we cost their care as £1 per hog per day, not including additional necessary individual medical treatments.

You can help us to continue this crucial work!   

A oneoff or regular donation of  any amount will make such a difference.   Or you may like to support one of our hogs through winter.  

£7 will support a hog for a week 

£30 will support a hog for a month 

You can donate  HERE



Please help us ensure that these beautiful creatures remain part of our wildlife in the UK for many years to come. We greatly value your support for our Hedgehogs.