At Freshfields we don’t discriminate between species.

We believe that ALL animals are of equal worth and that every animal in our care is worthy and capable of being re-homed, assuming of course that we are able to find the right home! This conviction is so strong that it has influenced the way we approach our work and the animals themselves.

Much of what we do is directly influenced by the charity ethos and how that ethos dictates we approach our work has itself formulated what we now view as policy. Our policies are as follows:

To treat all admissions exhibiting severe behavioural problems fairly, appropriately and without prejudice. No animal should be dismissed as being beyond the care of an adopter and great care must be taken to ensure the suitability of each home before an animal is adopted.

The neutering of all domestic animals must be proactively encouraged and the breeding of any animal for profit actively discouraged.

Long term residents that prove difficult to re-home must be provided with appropriate, communal, calm and stimulating accommodation that allows interaction with our volunteers. For each of these animals there must be both a short and long term plan with eventual re-homing remaining the ultimate goal!

Priority must be given to strays, mistreated animals and those whose owners have died or are in a state of personal crisis.

To advocate a meat free diet (there really is no logic in rescuing one set of farm animals just to turn around and eat another!)

To not shy away from involvement in debate around the welfare of ANY species of animal.

To acknowledge the important role that humans play in the welfare of all animals, whilst embracing diversity amongst the many people who support us. There is a place for every individual who is willing to welcome and respect diversity in others.

To acknowledge that we aren’t perfect, that we make mistakes and to make every effort to learn from them, emerging better informed, stronger and hopefully more determined for the experience.

Finally… and perhaps some would argue most importantly, it is Freshfields policy to be proactive and take action when an animal is sick and suffering (be that sickness physical, mental or emotional), to provide all necessary and if appropriate long term veterinary support and to NEVER put a healthy animal down!


Policies relating to rehoming procedures please click here

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