All of us at Freshfields appreciate the important role the public play in ensuring our work continues and we always try to maintain good relationships with the communities we support. Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t get things right! In those instances, we appreciate the feedback we are given, and build on it to improve our organisation. Outlined below is the process members of the public need to follow, should they have a complaint or feedback.

It is very important that your initial email or phone call is not misdirected. This will help us deal with your enquiry faster and properly. You can submit your feedback via or via either of the shelter numbers listed on the website.

When submitting your complaint, please make sure you include as much information as possible, so that some context is built and so we can decide upon the most appropriate handling approach. As an absolute minimum, your complaint should contain as many of the bullet points listed below as possible:

• When did the issue you’re reposting happened? Please include date and time.
• Who was the member of staff you spoke to or wish to complain about?
• Were there any other members of staff present?
• Please detail what happened or provide as much detailed feedback as possible.
• Have you contacted us regarding the same issue before?

We aim at investigating all complaints as soon as possible but in some cases we might take up to 2 weeks. We will keep you informed throughout and will advise on the outcome.

Please note that we cannot investigate anonymous complaints. We will however make a note of them and make sure we investigate if a number of similar complaints are received. Please do not post your complaint on our social media accounts as this is not constructive and might worsen the issue. Any such posts will be deleted so please ensure you follow the procedure outlined here.

Thank you.