The Benefits of Rehoming a Rescue Horse
22 Nov, 2016

Welcome to our latest Guest Blogger, the nutritional experts from Spillers. Spillers are industry specialists in horse feed and advice for owners. Here’s what they had to say…..

If you’re considering making your first foray into horse or pony ownership then why not consider rehoming one rather than buying?

There’s all sorts of reasons why these beautiful animals end up living at a rescue shelter at some point in their lifetime.

In many cases, horses and ponies need to be rehomed because their original owners underestimated the investment in terms of both time and money that’s involved in caring for them and may have found the commitment unsustainable in the long-term.

In other cases, unforeseen changes in personal circumstances leave some owners unable to maintain the quality of care or accommodation their horse or pony needs despite their best efforts. While in the very worst cases, animals arrive at a shelter because they have been neglected or mistreated.

Regardless of the reasons that brought a horse or pony into a rescue shelter, rehoming one has very real benefits, both for the animals, the variety of organisations who step in to accommodate them and the new owners who take them on:

Rehoming Benefits for Horses and Ponies

Every horse and pony should have a loving home for the duration of its lifetime. Rehoming one of these sensitive, intuitive and intelligent animals gives them a second chance to enjoy the life they deserve.

Rehoming Benefits for Charities

There are various animal charities and shelters across the UK who provide a valuable and essential service for all sorts of animals, the owners who have to give them up and the families or owners who get to take them home.

In the vast majority of cases, these charities could not exist without donations, volunteers and the kind individuals who step up to rehome an animal in need.

By rehoming a horse or pony, you are supporting these vital charities, enabling them to continue their vital work in the long-term and creating the immediate, short-term space they need to rescue another horse or pony requiring urgent safety, security and care.

Rehoming Benefits for New Owners

Apart from the undeniable feel-good factor, there are very real benefits for rehoming a horse or pony.

Because charities take horses and ponies based on need, you could find a diverse variety of breeds, ages and temperaments available that you wouldn’t find with one breeder.

Furthermore, because charities put the needs of the animal first, you won’t be able to rehome a horse unless they’re sure that you have the appropriate set-up and skills necessary to provide a suitable and sustainable home for him.

The advantage of this is that you get the benefit of their advice and expertise and will be matched with a horse that is really suited to you.

If a horse has been mistreated, it will be nurtured, retrained and rehabilitated in preparation for rehoming and if, in the unlikely event that a quality relationship cannot be established between you and your new horse, a good charity will often provide you with the support and advice you need to overcome any issues.

Things to remember

Offering a rehomed horse or pony a good quality of life means ensuring that their feed caters for their workload, temperament and health requirements.

Getting the blend of horse feed right always presents challenges, but horse sanctuaries and rescues often work with feed suppliers and equine nutritionists to develop a diet that keeps each horse in their care calm, healthy and in great condition.

Finally, it’s important to remember that owning a horse is a huge responsibility; you need time, money and access to suitable land with shelter, so be sure to do your research and think long and hard before you make a commitment.

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