Guest Blog

Welcome to our Guest Blog page. At our invitation, the posts you will find on this page have been kindly produced for us by associates and supporters of Freshfields and in some instances by representatives of like minded organisations or by individuals with whom we believe Freshfields shares a 'wider community' link.

We hope that over time these contributions will grow in number, providing connectivity and a greater perspective on those individuals and groups who together make a difference for All animals!


Dawn, lives in London and works in the charity sector.

Dawn, 45, is originally from Lancashire, but has lived in Liverpool, Manchester and Glasgow and has now called London home for almost 10 years. She works in the charity sector, helping charities grow their fundraising and campaigning power. My path to going veggie,...

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Your all encompassing guide to dog grooming!

Holly Barry from Distinctly shares her article on dog grooming with us - a must read for tips and advice for every dog owner! Your All Encompassing Guide To Grooming Your Dog! Dogs come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes, but as the weather is currently at its...

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