With so much uncertainty in the world, it’s impossible to know which route to take to guarantee a future for our Charity.  If we are to move forward with any kind of confidence we need for our work to be recognised and our profile raised, not only within our local community but also in the corporate world. 

Many would advise that as a charity Freshfields is also a business and that to be successful we must operate in a businesslike manner. Whilst there is, without any doubt a great deal of truth in that statement, when confronted on a daily basis with the lost, the abandoned, the unwanted and sometimes the abused (albeit of a four-legged variety) it’s impossible to prevent the heart from maintaining at least a little control over the head!   

Our main objective it to always be here for the animals!

With that purpose in mind, Freshfields Animal Rescue has set itself upon a path that aims for us to gain ourselves some ‘recognition‘ and we aim to achieve this in part through our efforts to build mutually beneficial relationships with local businesses.  There is much that the business world can offer Freshfields Animal Rescue in terms of support (the individual MD’s and business owners just need to take a little time to think it through) and the benefits of our journey together can offer great rewards.

Below are just some of the potential benefits for businesses willing to commit to our very worthy cause either in cash or in kind:

• Profile in our newsletters (posted and emailed to 1000’s of local residents)
• Tax benefits for donating to charity
• Discounted prices for exhibiting at our popular open days and events throughout the year
• A boost to your own profile as a result of your charitable work
• The knowledge that you are aiding a local much-loved charity!

We are happy to discuss opportunities with potential business supporters, so please just give Jane a call on 07799 582917 or email jane@freshfields.org.uk.

We promise you won’t regret it !