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We have opportunities for you to sponsor events, projects, animals or a mix of these.

We have found that if an organisation has a target to work towards, is kept informed and can see the progress of a project through to completion they are more likely to help us. 

During the sponsorship period we will give you as much publicity as we can, keep you informed and where applicable erect a plaque in your name.

There are always projects we would like to undertake and events imminent, the outlay for a project may range from small to large and may be of short to long term duration. 

Animal sponsorship can range from funding food bills to paying for operations and may also cover areas such as upgrading animal housing or supporting outreach projects. This is an ongoing and ever changing area and we will happily discuss specific cases with you if you contact us.

Want to sponsor a project?  Give us a call today on 0151 931 1604

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