Spread the Word

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Spreading the word, and making sure as many people as possible hear about the good work we do, costs nothing and it's a really effective way for you to help us.

You can spread the word in the following ways :-

• Send one of our leaflets to all your friends.
• Place some of our posters about your work place (with the bosses permission).
• Mention us on your company website, email blasts, blog and Facebook page (again, with the bosses permission).
• Tweet about us.
• Support us by promoting our events to your friends and colleagues.
• Sell promotional items for us such as Calendars, Christmas cards and key rings etc.
• Seconds- if you work for a manufacture or retailer you may occasionaly receive damaged stock or items you cannot sell, we can raise funds with these items by selling them on our website or through our shops. Every penny counts so please give us a call if the occasion arises (as ever... with the bosses permission of course).

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