In this very human crisis animals are being forgotten.

Many charities have been able to access emergency funding, from government support packages and major emergency fundraising appeals.

None of this funding is available to animal rescues.

We have lost almost 50% of our income over the past few weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The national response to supporting people is fantastic. However, there is one last piece of the puzzle still to address, and that is animals in rescue specifically.

Zoos and aquariums have had access to £14m of emergency government funds yet there is still no support for animals, and people, who depend on the support of their local animal rescue centre.

We know the economic impact will be long term. We need immediate financial support, AND for essential animal rescue services to be more valued and better supported, going forwards.

Animals’ fortunes mirror people’s fortunes.

We anticipate that over the coming months’ many pets will lose their owners, or be given up as a result of increased unemployment, domestic abuse, or loss of homes.

We at Freshfields know the public care deeply about this issue.

Animals are part of our families and our communities. Day after day, they unfailingly give us their love and they are an invaluable support to our mental and physical well-being, especially during these times of isolation and uncertainty.

It’s time to make some noise and get rescue animal welfare high on the agenda!

Create a Pet Campaign Picture:

Your pets will literally be the faces of the campaign.

Take a photo of your pet wearing a signboard saying #NoAnimalLeftBehind, and add your pet’s name.

Here is rescue dog Bonnie showing how it’s done!

Post your pet petition photo on social media, including on the Freshfields Animal Rescue Facebook page and Twitter page @freshfieldsresc with a message encouraging others to do the same.

Use the link @freshfieldsrescue and the hashtag #NoAnimalLeftBehind

Your pet will join forces with animals in rescue, and those already in loving homes, to demand immediate emergency funding and better long term support.

You can WhatsApp your photo to 07591 205078

Or email your photo to

Donate if you can:

If you are able to, we would be very grateful for any help you can provide.
You can donate directly to this campaign via the button below or call 0151 931 1604

You’ve helped us be there for animals in their hour of need for over 40 years. In that time, you’ve given over 90,000 animals a better life. We know you can help us overcome this challenge too. You have ensured we have left no animal behind so far and we will not fail them now.

Thank You. Together we can make this happen!

For more information please contact Debbie Hughes on or call 07956 216106

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