Adoption Emergency - Time is running out for these dogs to find their homes.


Aura’s early years were spent in circumstances that meant her family sadly and unavoidably were unable to provide all that a young dog needs regarding socialisation, and she spent many hours alone at home. As a result, Aura finds new things and situations either overwhelming or very exciting and is still learning how to cope with this. She gains confidence from another calm dog when in the outdoors which is lovely to see, however, she will need to be the only dog in the household. Aura is going to need a person committed to her ongoing training so she can continue to grow in confidence and thrive.

Dob 5/5/21



Moose found his way to us by flagging down a staff member’s car on a busy road! After his stray period, he remained unclaimed and is now looking for his forever home with someone who can help him to learn all the things he missed out on as a puppy. In fact, he is basically an overgrown pup now and is so eager to please and find out what we want him to do. He will need help getting used to being in a home environment – we believe he may not have had much experience of that yet. He finds things very new, exciting and fun (sometimes a bit scary) and in time and with guidance in a calm environment will get used to domesticity with enthusiasm – we imagine he would love to settle on a sofa with you and watch TV. A handsome boy sadly very likely to be deemed of type under the revised legislation.

Approx 1 yr


Dexter came to us through no fault of his own and is a joy to be around. He will need to adapt to home comforts but would be happy to try a comfy bed after some good outdoor adventures. This lad is a match for someone who loves walking and will make a brilliant companion for excursions around the countryside. His enthusiasm means he will need some help with lead walking or a fit owner who walks at a pace! Dexter’s only little quirk is to be slightly precious around his food bowl and some toys, but he is obedient and willing to negotiate for a better offer!

Dob 7/12/17


This more mature, handsome gent is easy going but with a definite mind and opinions of his own around how he likes things, and he may need to be guided about how to share whatever he finds valuable. He will let you know though and is open to negotiation! Found as a stray originally, we would like to find Sonny, ideally, a home with a single owner to bond happily with and where both parties can enjoy companionship and the easy life!



We now have just 10 days to prevent these dogs from living their lives in a kennel at Freshfields.  If you can help and offer a home please do step forward and contact us today!  The XL Bully ban will trap these dogs in rescue if they get judged as XL Bully type, you can prevent this by giving them a home.  We will provide a generous adoption support package.

Time is running out for these dogs there is no time to waste.


0151 931 1604

Supported Adoption Package

  • Adoption Fee Waived.
  • Exemption Certification costs covered. We will have neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated the dogs, and will cover the Certificate Application fee of £92.40.
  • Third-party insurance costs up to £300 a year for three years.
  • Free Veterinary Care. We will provide a three-year Vet Assist agreement to provide routine checks, cost-price medicines, and none-emergency surgery with a Freshfields appointed vet.
  • Ongoing advice and support.

Thank you with all of our hearts for looking at how you can provide that final chance for these lovely dogs, and truly save them from a life in kennels. We will support you to support them as much as we possibly can. 


0151 931 1604