Some of you may remember Travis, the very nervous dog who stole our hearts here at Freshfields Wales. He stayed with us for several months, and he was so timid and afraid. We were just hoping that the right home would come along, and then along came Malcolm and Stephanie. They’ve sent us an update on his progress, having had him as part of their family for just over a year now.


Malcolm says:

‘I’ve attached a photo of Travis being walked with his step-sister Rita. We got Rita as a puppy to give Travis canine companionship. For the first few months we thought it was a  mistake as Travis ignored her completely. However over the last few weeks he has started playing with her, and now they play for several hours a day. She adores him, which is not completely good news as he seems to have taught her some bad habits!

He is still a nervous dog, but this is diminishing, and he still spends much of his time in his crate when he is indoors (it is fabric so gives him a dark and quiet bolthole).

He is definitely happier, and growing into the family, and is confident enough to let us know when he wants to go out and when he wants to come back in. It is slow progress, but steady.

We did have him DNA tested, and he came back as completely a Border Collie with no markers for other breeds. He is obviously small for a Border Collie.’


Malcolm and Stephanie, we’re so glad you turned up and made Travis’ dream come true. It’s great to see him out and about as a healthy dog who’s obviously enjoying his life and loving the companionship. May you all have many more happy years together!