RIP Judge (my friend)

I only had you for two weeks, but what a lovely, fun two weeks we had.  There wasn’t a day that went by that you didn’t make me laugh or smile with your funny ways.  Your snoring, the food you would get all over your face, the way you would snuggle up on the couch with your head on a cushion, the fact you had to sit on top of my feet if I crossed my legs and of course the gifts you would present guests that came to visit us – your teddy’s, or if you couldn’t find them quickly then guests would be presented with my slippers, my boot, the draft excluder or even some sellotape!  You were such a darling, a charming, affectionate boy, you followed me everywhere and you were so happy, as was I with your company.

I loved you so much in that short time.  Then sadly your illness got the better of you and we said goodbye on Christmas Eve.  I’m so glad to have shared that short time with you and to have made your last two weeks comfortable and happy.  Goodbye my friend, sleep well XXXX

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