25 Jun, 2024
Dorothy has been a resident at Freshfields Wales for the past 12 or so years. She was admitted as a feral cat with her 5 kittens, she really did not like humans !! As we were unable to neuter and release her back to the area she was admitted from, we accepted that Dorothy just prefered not to interact with humans and she became a ‘resident cat’. Worming and fleaing routines for the cattery were fun (to say the least), she would hiss and swipe if any staff dared to go near her, but they somehow managed to keep her up to date with everything. Dorothy shared her space with 3 other cats, who were also very wary of humans, and they would come and go as they pleased, but always returned at feeding times, and early evening, where they would sleep in the cattery safe and warm.
This continued for years, until Covid hit in 2020, the rescue centre was closed to visitors, and only a few staff remained to care for the animals. During this period of calm and quiet, Dorothy decided that we humans weren’t so bad after all, and would come and rub around the staff legs, and eventually began enjoying gentle pets, then full on fuss !! We just couldn’t believe the tunraround after all those years !!
Today, Dorothy is very much ‘top cat’ at the rescue, she goes on daily walks with her best friend Mari, we will see them heading up the track together, they hunt in the fields and bask in the sun. We are unsure of Dorothys age but she is at least 15 years old now, but not showing any signs of slowing down. She’s a regular in the office, and will hop on the desks, demanding attention !!
Freshfields Wales is her home, she would not settle anywhere else now, she will remain here, with all who love her until her last breath.
We would be very grateful if you could help by sponsoring Dorothy, she really demonstrates how Freshfields cares for our animals, never giving up on her, giving her the freedom to choose her lifestyle of not interacting; we are so very grateful that she now returns the love she’s had from all the staff here, we are blessed to have been able to care for her for all of these years.
  • Admitted - 01/05/2012
  • Breed / Type - DSH
  • Sex - Female
  • Age - 15 years
  • Colour - Tabby Tortie
  • Vaccinated - Yes
  • Neutered - Yes
  • Used to Kids - Not
  • Used to Cats - Some !!
  • Used to Dogs - Yes
  • Toilet Trained - Yes
  • History of Biting - No

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