Roger Slade

Passed away - December 2015

Roger Slade

We heard the sad news yesterday that an old friend has passed away this week. Roger Slade was a friend of Lesley's from the early days of Freshfields Animal Rescue. He died this week in Crosby after a 2 year battle with cancer. Roger was the person who discovered that East Lodge Farm was up for sale and persuaded Lesley to go after it. He had spotted the estate agents putting up the 'For Sale' sign; Lesley was the first to view it and of course the rest is history.

It is doubtful that East Lodge Farm would have been our home, had it not been for Roger. He played a part in the beginning of Freshfields' journey here in Ince Blundell, a journey which has seen us rescue and rehome thousands of abused, abandoned and unwanted animals over the last 37 years. Roger was a great animal lover and a wonderful cook, who made fantastic vegan meals for his friends. We want to say a big Thank You from all the animals and staff at Freshfields Animal Rescue. Our condolences go to his partner, Margie and all his family and friends.

His funeral is at Thornton Crematorium at 10.40am on Tuesday 22nd December.

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