Tiger was found as a stray, he had been totally neglected and he could hardly be seen under a mass of long, knotted, dirty fur. Poor Tiger was in such a state – huge mats of hair, clogged with mud, water, and faeces weighed him down. There were infected cuts everywhere, and he was unable to see, hear, breath, or even go to the toilet properly.

Thankfully things are now very different for Tiger – he is now known as ‘The Dog with the Magnificent Tail’ by everyone in the area around his home. He is unrecognizable, with a soft, smooth coat, bright eyes and a real zest for life. He shares his home and his paddling pool with Xenia, she gives him that extra bit of confidence in life. We will always know it is our Tiger though, because his little sticking-out tongue remains! Thankfully this is the only thing recognisable from that terrible past.