Richard Carter

Passed away - August 2015

Richard Carter

Richard Carter - A Tribute
The late Richard Carter lived on Anglesey in the small village of Dwyran. For several years he used to travel 16 miles by bus every Saturday, to volunteer in the Freshfields Caernarfon charity shop.

Richard's favourite job was to sort and tidy the books, as he was a book binder in his working days.

Serving in the Army during the war, Richard was always a keen animal lover and was committed to helping them in many ways. He had a stray blind cat for a number of years, and cared for the cat until it had to be put to sleep.

Right up until the end, when Richard reached the grand age of 100, he was as sharp as ever and enjoyed his photography and working on the computer. Richard will be sadly missed by Roy and all his friends at the Caernarfon shop.

Freshfields would simply not be able to continue without dedicated, hard-working volunteers like Richard. He made the world a better place for abused and abandoned animals. He helped to change the lives of beautiful equines like Marcasite, who now has a safe place to live and a life of love, thanks to the long-standing commitment of special people like Richard.

Marcasite and her friends can't speak up to express their appreciation to Richard, but we can. On behalf of all the animals at Freshfields, a sincere Thank You for all that you did for us.

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