Harry the Healer was a complicated dog. We never really knew what was going on inside his little head. He barked, he bit. He snapped, he stressed. It took years to understand him, but we did. We learnt to live with him - the way he wanted it to be - and  there were many ups and downs.

There were always wonderful moments though, like when he was finally able to sleep under the bed covers, almost snuggling up and nearly allowing a cuddle, and when he learnt to live in turn with Patch, Charlie and Inca, and possibly even liked them, when he forced toys in to your hand so he could play, and just when he greeted you with his beautiful, bright face, ridged tail wagging as fast as it could possibly go. These moments will be treasured forever.

Harry was far from the perfect dog, but less than perfect dogs deserve to be loved too. And love him we did. He will leave such a hole in our lives, the tiny dog with the attitude of ten. There will never be another Harry.

Dawn & Simon

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