Volunteering FAQS

Who can volunteer?

Anyone aged 16 or over can apply for an available role unless the role stipulates you must be aged at least 18. Our volunteers come from a diverse variety of backgrounds, each with their own natural skills and talents. If you do not meet the age requirement to be a volunteer, you may still be able to fundraise for us.


How do I become a volunteer?

Current volunteer positions are advertised on our volunteer vacancies page. To apply follow the instructions to download and complete the ‘volunteer application form’ then return it to us. Suitable applicants will be contacted to come in for an informal interview.


I want to work with the dogs but can’t see any role available

We don’t generally have volunteers working in our kennels, there are odd exceptions for people who have volunteered with us for years and shown themselves to be committed, sensible and reliable but in the main we can only offer dog walking and to persons aged 18 or over.


I want to work with the animals but there aren’t any roles available

It could be that we just don’t have a volunteer role available at this time. We accommodate as many people as we realistically can but we have to be sensible and ensure that there is sufficient work to keep people engaged and that individuals aren’t tripping over one another. Keep checking back, although no role is currently available that situation may change soon.

Can I still volunteer if I can only do a couple of days a year?

The answer to this question really depends on the role you are hoping for. Once or twice a year will come in very handy if it’s in the right place but the best idea is for you to take a look at the volunteer vacancies and their specific requirements to see where you and your availability might best fit in.


Do I need specific skills to volunteer?

A sunny smile and a willingness to get your hands dirty are often the most sought after qualities in our volunteers! Specific skills are a bonus if paired with the right volunteer role but not necessarily vital. Please consult the individual role descriptions for desirable skills and experience.


What do we provide to our volunteers?

Depending upon your volunteering role you may be required to wear a branded t-shirt or Freshfields lanyard. Volunteer fleeces and polo shirts are available to purchase and orders may be placed in reception.

Generally, we are unable to reimburse our volunteers expenses to and from their voluntary posts. Whilst we can make no promises in advance, when circumstances are exceptional we will give consideration to how we may assist.


Do we offer work experience?

We are very limited with regard to the number of school work placements we are able to offer. However, we are generally able to accommodate veterinary students and university placements. Please get in touch with us if you wish to discuss this further.


Are you able to accommodate groups of volunteers or corporate volunteering days?

Yes, we can generally accommodate groups of volunteers and corporate volunteering days. How and when will depend upon which shelter you wish to volunteer at, the time of year and almost certainly the weather. Please do contact us to discuss this further.


I can’t volunteer but I might be able to foster an animal, how do I go about this?

 We are always in need of temporary foster homes for dogs and cats. Please take a look at our fostering pages to find out more.