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Thank you for your interest in making Freshfields Animal Rescue your Charity of the Year.  Whether you are a major national brand or a small local business, a partnership with Freshfields Animal Rescue will reap great rewards for your brand, staff and the communities you serve.

Charity of the Year companies can help by providing a venue for Freshfields to fundraise, doing workplace fundraising activities with staff, customers and suppliers, providing specialist pro bono consultant support, donating items for auction or helping us raise awareness about the plight of domestic and wild animals across the North West and Wales.

We would love to hear from you to discuss how we can work together and are happy to come to you and show your staff the work that we do, how we can support you and the difference it will make.


Brand Association – when you partner with Freshfields animal rescue, you are linking with an organisation regionally renowned and respected for its ethics, quality of care and sustainability values.

Cause-Related Marketingcan promote positive PR coverage and provide that increasingly important link for ethical consumers to align themselves with a charitable cause.

PR Opportunities – involvement with a charity can create some great PR and marketing opportunities. Every time your employees take part in fundraising activities, there is a story to be told. We have excellent links to regional press and radio stations.

Social Media Reach – we have an extensive social media reach, with passionate and engaged supporters who share our values.  Our Facebook community is now over 64,000 strong with Instagram and X followers too!

We will provide you with 

  • Opportunities for your staff to take a tour of the rescue in Liverpool or Wales to see the life-changing work that you support first hand.
  • Freshfields staff and volunteers at your business premises and events to raise awareness of your support with your customers
  • Charity of the Year Acknowledgement on our website that states what you do and how you are helping.
  • News update posts on our Freshfields Social media channels and local press.
  • Promotional materials, newsletters, and updates for in person and online point of contacts.
  • Opportunities to hold a promotional stall at Freshfields open days and events.

Please contact the rescue or email

Alternatively, you can reach us via our Corporate Enquiry Form HERE Just pop your details in and we will get back to you at a time to suit you.

Freshfields would like to thank our current Charity of the Year Partners

Deanwood Golf Club 


Previous Freshfields Animal Rescue Charity of the Year

Marvellous Morecrofts  Transforming Lives at Freshfields Animal Rescue!

2021 to April 2023 Morecrofts LLP supported us as their Charity of the year

Freshfields won the staff votes for this support over a total of 42 competing entries. 

We were so grateful to be choosen  as Charity of the Year partners. It was clear from the beginning that Morecrofts understood and supported our mission to make possible a great quality of life for vulnerable animals – and wanted to help us make good on that promise for the animals at our rescue.

We were impressed  by the drive and desire to help us heal the minds and bodies of animals in desperate need. We face a Triple threat in these difficult times: donations are down, costs are up, and the number of requests from people who cannot take care of their animals any longer has quadrupled in the past 18 months.

 We achieved much more working together than we could possibly have done alone. You have helped us to change so many lives.

 About Morecrofts 

 Morecrofts have 6 offices in Liverpool, Wirral, Crosby, Woolton, Allerton and Prescot. .   

They provide legal services in Liverpool, Wirral and Sefton cover many areas of law in both private and commercial settings. 

in 2013, to celebrate the firm being 200 years old and remaining independent

Morecrofts founded the annual Merseyside Independent Business Awards.  


For more information on how YOUR company can get involved with us, please contact the rescue or


Previous Freshfields Animal Rescue Charity of the Year

Meet the team from Techedia in Crosby.  They are passionate about making a difference to lives of abused, abandoned and unwanted animals.  We like them already.   During 2020 the Techedia team will be helped us to raise awareness of the long term dogs at the rescue who are still waiting for a loving home, and they raised vital funds to help us look after them and keep our promise to never put a healthy animal down.

“Techedia chose to help Freshfields raise money  they understood the struggles that local charities can go through if not helped by a variety of different business spreading awareness across all sectors!

The team all have family pets and a love for animals and would never like to see any animal in a struggling situation or left without help! Us as a team and a company hope to help raise awareness for your charity ensuring we can help as many animals as possible”

Jack Deery, Proclaim Developer

About Techedia

Techedia has a team of developers with extensive experience in the support and development of Proclaim, the UK’s most widely used Case Management System. They also have dedicated teams for Web development and Network Support.

For more information on how YOUR company can get involved with us, please contact the rescue or


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