Birthday Fundraisers

The older we humans become (in body only of course) the less we tend to need or want for our birthdays.

When it comes to us, sadly that’s not the case. The older Freshfields becomes, the greater the demand for our services and the higher the costs we incur.

This is why we really need your help!

We need generous individuals to organise birthday fundraisers in aid of Freshfields Animal Rescue in lieu of gifts for themselves.

Is that generous individual you?

Would you consider, instead of accepting birthday gifts, asking your family and pals to make donations to Freshfields instead?  You can set up a birthday fundraiser on your Facebook or Instagram accounts.

It’s really easy to do, saves animals lives and saves your friends wasting money on stuff you don’t need. 

And it’s not just birthdays, supporters have done this for wedding gifts, anniversary gifts and Christmas too!

For information, ideas, advice or simply to register your fundraiser with us please contact Emma on 07591 205078, email OR click on the button below to access our online contact form.

Thank You 🙂

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