Beautiful little Axel was sadly found in a box next to a bin! We could not believe that someone would throw this amazing little boy away! He settled into the rescue very quickly, quickly becoming a favourite among the staff (don’t tell the other animals) He is super friendly, absolutely adores play time & is known for his impressive eyebrow grooming skills.
Poppy was also found as a stray, running around a park. Poppy took some time learning how to trust us & how to play. She was extremely quiet, just keeping to herself. The first time she jumped at the staff for play time, we all had the biggest smiles on our faces! It was amazing to see this shy little girl who didn’t know what playtime was, become this bouncy little fur ball who couldn’t keep still.
We bonded these 2 together as Axel was such a patience gent with Poppy, & she needed someone who wasn’t going to overwhelm her. It took a little time for Poppy to learn how to be a ferret but now the pair are always together. Whether they are cuddling, playing or searching for treats, they are the perfect little duo & would make the best addition to someones family.
If you think that Axel & Poppy could be the perfect ferrets for your family, please get in touch at with photos of your set up.
We ask that they have a large, fully secure & enclosed pen, measuring at least 6ft by 8ft. The bigger the better for this pair as they love to explore.