Due to the never-ending stream of distressed animals who need us, we are always full to capacity with many more animals waiting to be admitted. Despite the soaring costs and intense financial pressures this brings, most of the time, we survive, thanks to your support.

At this moment however, Freshfields is in the midst of a serious Animal Care Crisis, with the flow of cash coming into the charity unable to keep up with the flow of cash going out.

Like many charities, we rely on Legacies and Gifts in Wills for around 30% of our funding. There is currently a national backlog in processing these, due to a new national centralised administration system. Solicitors are up to 4 months behind, with over 250,000 probate cases waiting to be processed. Pressures also come in the shape of competition from new charities, individuals carrying out personal crowd-funding appeals, rising wage costs to name but a few…

We urgently need your help right now to see us over this worrying hurdle and beyond.

The last time we launched an appeal like this was February, 2017. You helped to get us through that time. Please, help us through this time. We need to be there, on the other side of this challenge, available to help the hundreds of animals and birds who need Freshfields every day.

We need to buy food and medicines for over 600 dogs, cats, horses, small animals and wildlife cared for across our two sites at any one time, pay our bills, and avoid the need to close our doors to new admissions.

It’s an ongoing battle, that currently is at crisis point.

Please… Share this appeal, with friends, family and colleagues and PLEASE, make a direct request for them to donate! 

Imagine, if every one of them gave just a little bit!