Three Cheers for Chip!

It's always good to hear news of our happy adopted dogs and their families. Lorraine Henshaw and her family sent us this 'Pupdate' (!)...

We got Chip from Freshfields Wales in May 2013. He was called Sam back then. He's just turned 2 in December 2015. He's gorgeous and we love him so much. It was challenging at first but we persevered. It was more of a shock to us to have this naughty young adolescent, as we'd had two older dogs before, aged 16 and 18. He's growing into a nice well-mannered young man!'

What a great story; thank you to the Henshaw family for reminding all of us what can be achieved by not giving up on a rescue dog when the going is tough at first. Enjoy your life Chip; you look very snuggly and happy and we couldn't be more pleased for your success!


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