We love hearing news and updates from our rescued animals and their new families! Our beautiful bunny Peggy went to a new owner who already had a Freshfields’ rabbit and wanted to give Peggy a new home. Jan says:

“Peggy is settling in brilliantly, and Gerry is a very happy bunny. He seems delighted with his ‘arranged marriage’! Initially Peggy was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of space that she had to run around in.We left the hutch door open, and let her run in and out as and when she wanted to, so that she could gradually get used to it. She is now the first out of the hutch in the morning and the last back in the evening! Both rabbits spend their days grazing, grooming or just lying back to back in the sunshine.”

It’s the sort of life we want for all our adopted bunnies! Thank you Jan for keeping in touch and for being a part of the Freshfields family.