At Freshfields, we know how much the love of a rescue animal can enrich our lives. Deb Hamilton got in touch to tell us about Owen. Deb says:

“We  lost our beloved JRT Dillon age 14, to cancer Christmas 2012 and were completely distraught. We couldn’t even contemplate getting another dog because his loss was so overpowering.  

After our 2013 summer holidays we tentatively started looking at our options for getting another dog. We decided to adopt a rescue dog, and boy did we make the right decision! After months of looking and meeting other dogs in local rescue centres, we eventually met our boy Owen! He was perfect for us, a little under weight but bless him he bonded with us almost immediately. We were besotted. I know this sounds stupid but it was like Dillon had sent him to us, Owen needed a loving home and we needed Owen. 

So, Owen came to live with us on 20 October 2013 and we’ve really not looked back since. He is just delightful but a very typical JRT, protective, loyal, very spirited, playful, vocal but daft as a brush! He loves us unconditionally, and we him. 

Owen loves our garden, but the poor birds get a work out – god help them if they dare land on the grass!  He just loves to play tug (with one of his many toys), and will chase a ball for hours. Not that he can catch a ball you understand! On the odd occasion he does, l swear he gives us a look of complete surprise! His favourite thing is his walks, and he’ll walk for miles. He is so insistent he goes out and it would be ten times a day if he got his way! 

Owen sure loves his holidays too! He just enjoys being in the caravan being with us, visiting new places with interesting walks of course. In the evenings after our exploring, he’s usually found lying on me or my husband so he has a good vantage point to view all the goings on. Not that he’s spoiled you understand…

My advice to anyone looking to get a dog is consider adopting a rescue dog, as there are so many needing loving homes. The process involved is necessary but completely painless, and certainly not too expensive.  

A dog is for life and for the time they’re with you, you are their world. Looking back while writing this, l can’t believe he’s been with us for four and a half years already. We are so lucky to have Owen in our family, and on the day we first met this lovely little guy, l’m not sure who adopted who!” 

Thank you, Deb, for sharing your story with us. It’s the story of a life changed by the love of a rescue dog, and we couldn’t be happier for you. We wish you and your family many more happy years together.

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