It’s always heartwarming to hear about the joy and happiness  shared by our rescued animals and their new families. Here’s Lawrie to tell us about Nell….

Hello Freshfields; we adopted Nell the border collie back in April and we thought we would send you some photos and keep you updated.
Nell is doing amazingly well! She was initially anxious and nervous but she has come out of her shell to say the least
She loves our attention and cuddles in with us everyday. She is such a loving, delicate little thing and we adore her.
We are currently training her off the lead; her recall is coming on great (as long as we’re nowhere near the road…. cars are not her favourite things). However, she does love travelling in the car and our camper van.
We want to thank you for bringing Nell into our lives, she is just wonderful!

Thank you Lawrie, and we couldn’t be happier for you and Nell. Enjoy many happy years together.

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