Echo Calling!

Hello everyone!  I was taken in and looked after by my carers at Freshfields Wales, where they called me Bella. They took such great care of me and helped me get ready to be adopted. My new name is Echo and I now live in a granite cottage up here on the North Solway coast in Scotland.  Over the back garden wall is forest where I will be running with my new pal Enzo the Doberman, I am too quick for him and can pinch his tennis balls launched from the chucker by my new owners.

Last night I finished my dinner first and went over to Amy, who is a fourteen and a half year old Lurcher/Terrier cross to see if she had finished. Big mistake! I’ve never seen so much teeth and spit and she barked at me and put me in my place, so I won’t do that again.  Here are some pics of me and Enzo.

Thank You for looking after me and giving me a new happy life.

Lots of love

Echo Xxx