Obi was rehomed from us in February 2018 and after only 3 short months in his new home he found himself back at square one as his new owner was expecting a baby. We managed to find Obi another home but unfortunately after only a week with his new owner he was returned to us for biting. Obi is reactive towards other dogs and bit his owner during a walk after he came into contact with another dog. This behaviour is not uncommon for dogs who lack socialisation skills with other dogs and is something we call 'redirecting'. This is when a dog feels trapped and frustrated that they cannot reach another dog which can result in them often turning around and trying to bite the lead or thing closest to them which in Obi's case was sadly the owner. Obi had a good relationship with his new owner and we feel that this incident was unfortunate given the circumstances. In order to prevent this from happening again Obi's new owner must be prepared to keep him muzzled at all times during walks.

Obi originally came to us following a relationship breakdown, he had been in the same home for 5 years and his owners were heartbroken to have to part with him.
We are devastated for all of the upheaval this beautiful, loyal boy has endured and are desperate to find him some consistency in a home with someone who will be committed to him for the rest of his life. Although he is crossed with a Malamute, he is primarily German Shepherd but very large in size! Obi is a beautiful dog, he is typical of the breed in that he can be protective and unsure of new people initially so care will need to be taken introducing him to strangers. However once introduced to new people properly, he quickly makes friends. He loves a good fuss and likes to jump up and give kisses! He also loves to play fetch. He does not like postmen, delivery drivers or fireworks.

Although Obi is a friendly boy with those he knows, like most dogs he becomes nervous at the vets and for this reason will need to wear a muzzle while being examined. He is not bothered by this and is okay with having a muzzle put on.

Obi is reactive towards other dogs and will need a strong and sensible owner, preferably someone with experience of German Shepherds.  Ideally he should be walked at quiet times, in quiet/open plan areas. He does not like cats and will need to be the only pet in the home.

In the home Obi is well behaved and is happy to be left for a few hours. He is clean, quiet and non destructive, and spends most of the time sleeping. He also travels well in the car. He will need an adult only home without any visiting children or children planned for the future. Obi does have some breed related hip problems and requires a veterinary prescribed diet of Hills Joint Care JD.

Obi desperately deserves some consistency in his life, he needs an experienced owner who will put in the work to help him feel secure again and allow him time to settle. His new owner must be prepared to make several trips to and from the rescue in order to form a bond with him before adoption. This will then progress until a slow introduction into the home so please bare your location in mind when inquiring about him.

We have found Obi to be a sweet boy who we believe will make a fabulous, loyal friend. With us Obi is a big, daft teddy bear and we love him dearly. We desperately hope that the right person will come forward for him and get to see the beautiful dog that he really is.

  • Breed / Type - German Shepherd cross Malamute
  • Sex - Male
  • Age - 6 Years
  • Colour - Black and Tan
  • Vaccinated - Yes
  • Neutered - Yes
  • Used to Kids - No
  • Used to Cats - No
  • Used to Dogs - No

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