We were lucky that the rain stayed off for the main part of the Open Day but I think many peoplestayed away because of the uncertainty of the weather. 230 people came through the gate when in previous years the numbers have been double that. In spite of that, it was an enjoyable day .Of course there just have to be those who find that the only feed back they can give is negative, like the man who complained about not being able to buy a bacon  or sausage bap and blamed my personal views on his inconvenience (it is charity policy not to have dead  animal flesh on sale at fundraisers))and the one who said that we only advertised it the night before (!!!!) so he was unable to attend. Such comments can be very demoralising after we worked so hard to make the day a success and  did more advertising than ever before. On the positive side two kittens, three adult cats and one dog were reserved on the day which was more than in previous years so that was a good result, especially when one of the cats was FIV cat Winston! Yes, our adored Winston has found himself a home with one of our supporters Danielle. Danielle has always had a soft spot for Winston and has on occasions visited and brought him special treats, but this time, after consulting with her partner, a decision was finally  made to adopt him. Good Luck has come his way at last.

Unbelievably on the day of our Dog show and Open Day, we had two pregnant cats brought in – one we agreed to take via a telephone call but the second was brought by a man who made it clear he was not going to take the cat away with him.We had little choice but to accept her under those circumstances.I do hate people who emotionally blackmail us.Sometimes I can tell it is all just bluff but at other times I fear for the safety of the animal and this was one of those times.They are both dear little cats, one grey, one tabby/tortie. The latter  is due to give birth anytime now.

The Equine dentist Andre has just been to our horses and he is pleased with the progress made by 30 years old heavy horse cross Melody. You may remember that she came in to us  with extremely bad teeth,unable to eat and in a very poor condition.She is now able to move her jaw properly which had previously restricted movement due to the incorrect way her teeth were growing. Weight is going on slowly which is only to be expected with her type of horse. It could take six months for her to be a correct weight for her size.She will always need supplementary feed but at least now she is capable of eating.! Her pal Blodwen the ex racehorse is also doing well here and is keeping up his weight.Our horses and ponies have different dietary needs and as such we have to ensure that they receive the amount and the  specific supplements and nutrients they require.

Out of the eight dogs rescued from a breeder, just two are now left in need of homes.9 years old cocker spaniel Woody, and 4 years old Cockerpoo ‘Goldie’. Woody is a darling, so easy and gentle and Goldie is adorable, so shy but longing for affection.She just needs a home with other dogs and someone who understands the needs of a timid nervous dog.I would adopt her myself if I did not have enough dogs already.

We are thinking of having another fundraising event at the end of October ,this time in our Barn but in order to make a decent profit, we need a band to offer their services free, this is proving extremely difficult so if anyone has any ideas please let me know asap.We will be holding an auction on the evening so I need items to auction.Once again if you can help with this, please let me know asap.: 01286 880808. We really do need to up our fundraising activities to help us keep our heads above water. Every bit of help will be welcomed. New volunteer Gina from Blaenaufestiniog is holding an 80’s evening for us in October – details to come , and she has also promised to organise a sponsored dog walk in that area. Anyone who would like to help with our fundraising or is capable of getting a few like minded bodies together, is welcome to come up to the shelter for a chat or emailme on :wales@freshfields.org.uk.

Finally, I believe that we offer a wonderful service here to our community.Hundreds of stray and unwanted animals pass through our hands every year and into loving caring homes  but we can only carry on our work with some outside assistance.If all our supporters committed themselves to just £2 a month it would give us a better  and regular monthly income.Standing order forms available from the shelter or via our website: www.freshfields.org.uk.

PS: we made a profit of £1,200 on the Open Day. Disappointing but more than we had yesterday so it is a plus!

Thanks to everybody who put a lot of effort into the event  and to those who attended and in doing so helped  us carry on for another day!