As many of you will know, we’ve been getting ready to present to you the most exciting, spectacular ‘rabbit-themed’ event we’ve ever had. The White Rabbit Tea Party, due to be held on Monday 2nd April, was set to take over every square inch of grass at Freshfields Animal Rescue in Liverpool.

However, that is – literally – where the difficulty lies! We have no usable indoor space accessible to the public, as every habitable space at the rescue centre is home to an animal or bird who needs it. We have been following the weather reports, in the fervent hope that the forecasts of rain, sleet and wind would improve as the day drew nearer.

Unfortunately they haven’t, and the prognosis is for a cold, wet and miserable day. So many of the activities and entertainment we have planned are dependent on the weather.

We have therefore reluctantly had to make the difficult decision to postpone the event and reschedule it for Monday 7th May 2018.

We are sorry to disappoint all those who had planned to come to the event, and hope that you will understand that we want to give you, our friends and supporters, a magical day to remember. We hope to see you on the new date, when the White Rabbit and his friends will be raring to go. Thank you all for your fantastic support.

For more information please contact Emma Jensen at emma@freshfields.org.uk or call 07591 205078.