Our Latest rescue is a Dexter cow called, wait for it – ‘Dexter’!  Dexter cows are a miniature breed originating from Scotland  and they are known for their placid, docile nature. This 10 years old  bull spent six years of his life as a blood donor at Leahurst Veterinary Hospital. When his time was up there, he was  extremely lucky that he escaped destruction and  found another home by a member of staff who took him to a rare breeds centre.When his future there also  became at risk, she desperately tried to find him a home but with no luck until she contacted Freshfields. We decided that he did not deserve to be killed off and offered him a place here.   My only experience of cows is when I rescued a cow many years ago which was on her way to a slaughterhouse and broke free. Poor Freda ended up smashing through a window of a funeral parlour in Birkenhead and was shot with a tranquilliser dart to return her to the slaughterhouse.Due to the drug  in her system she could not be killed to enter the food chain for a number of days and it was then we stepped In.to buy her. My then partner and I  felt  her desire to live was both touching and  heartbreaking and we wanted to help her survive. Just 24 hours later she gave birth to a  female calf! No wonder she fought so hard to live! They lived contently for many years with a  kind couple in Cheshire who offered them a permanent home. Freda and her baby   whom we named Clover were Hereford cows and were huge and flighty in temperament so Dexter is a different sort altogether and far easier to manage. Although they are called miniature cows, they are still big animals and some of the staff are a little wary but they will get used to him in time and if we manage to find a good  safe home for him that would be wonderful. If not he will  live out his remaining years at the shelter.

It has been a good few weeks for homing cats and we are over the moon that middle aged black and white cats  Lulu and Jojo  have been reserved. Their  owner’s ill health forced her to reluctantly part with them and I know she will be so pleased to hear that someone has finally taken an interest in them.Facebook once again has brought us a few kitten homes. Although I advise people never to home their pets through this media  on any free sites, the Fresh fields Facebook page draws potential adopters in but our homing routine is still fairly strict  and only after successful home visits to the people concerned  do we allow our animals to be adopted.

Sadly we lost two of our permanent residents here – tabby and white cat Squirmy who was 16 years old and had  the freedom of  the shelter since he was admitted 11 years ago, and 15 years old black and white Spotty . Both these old  cats  who lived in the conservatory, had kidney failure  and were no longer receiving any benefits/nutrients from their food causing great weight loss. We will miss them both but we could not see them wasting away any longer. It’s never an easy decision , especially when they were  loved so much  by the staff,but we would not be doing the a kindness if we allowed them to linger on.RIP dear little cats.

An elderly Jack Russell was admitted after the owner went into a home. No relatives were willing to take him on and he is such a sweet natured little dog.When he was admitted the relative who brought him in said she would be back to get a dog from us in a few weeks!!!!!   I DON’T THINK SO.

Our Halloween Barn Dance is organised for the 28th October so if anybody would like a ticket please ring me asap on 01286 880808 . There will be a bar selling both alcoholic and soft drinks though we have restricted admittance to over 18’s.Talented local Ceildh band ‘Mooncoin’ will be entertaining us and calling the dance moves. Fancy dress is optional though the staff are all wearing either Halloween or Western style costumes.  £12 includes  the entertainment, food and the first pint  or  glass of wine.We will have a raffle and  ‘apple bobbing ‘ (or ‘duck apple’  if you happen to be from the  from the north  of England) for those who feel so inclined! We are all looking forward to this new venture and hope it will be an evening to remember.

Any of our supporters who live in the Tanygrisiau/Blaenaufestiniog area may wish to attend our 80’s evening at the Lakeside Café  in Blaenaufestiniog. Tickets are £20 which will include a meet and greet drink and three course hot and cold buffet  with a free raffle draw (bring your ticket with you for the draw)Licensed bar and both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks.If you are an eighties music fan, this could  be the night for you.Tickets available from Gina on 07789552919 or from the Lakeside Café, Power Station. Transport to and from Blaenau available.