Wednesday. 31st November.

The ground is frozen every morning and  is quite dangerous underfoot, already a horse has slipped though thankfully not badly and no injuries.The wild birds are starving and now the starlings have arrived from their summer homes  in Scandanavia, I am getting through an enormous amount of bird food.I estimate there are at least 200 starlings here though only about 50 -60 feed in the garden.(as if that is not enough!)

The people who found the little Jack Russell on the side of a road,  are going to adopt her so as long as she gets on with their cats  she will have a lovely home with them. What truly upset me was that she didn’t want to leave us. After just 24 hours in our care, she had clearly decided that life in Fresh fields  was better than anything she had experienced previously and was very reluctant to go with anyone else.She had spent a great deal of her short stay cuddled up to office dog Molly  who amazingly accepted this intrusion in her basket though with  more than a few nervous  sideways glances at the newcomer. The look on little Suzy’s  face was of sheer bliss at being warm ,well fed and made a fuss of. We were all sorry to see her go.I hope she leaves their cats alone but we have a few people very interested in her (me included though I have my quota already)Fingers crossed she settles with the nice couple who took pity on her when she was found shivering under a bush.

Rosie, the old cat found locally is quite happy in our conservatory and I expect she will stay  with us permanently, she is a very old and frail cat and may not have a long life ahead of her, but then again, who  knows, animals can always  surprise us.

Little abandoned Daisy went to a home yesterday, she has gone to live with the family who adopted poodle Josie, one of  the  rescued  ex breeding dogs  and it was great to see Josie again.Once so very timid, she has really come out of her shell and was beautifully clipped and well cared for, so different from the neglected  dog she was on arrival.


Warmer today thankfully though hungry  birds still flocking to the feeders.We have received several l wonderful  parcels of petfood from supporters, many of whom bought via our Amazon wishlist.I want to thank those of you who have donated food for our rescued animals, it helps us so much and keeps our expenditure down.When the parcel van arrives,it is so exciting seeing what goodies are inside.Most of the food is for the dogs and cats  which is  extremely welcome though this week we received horse feed and supplements which delighted us; supplements are very expensive but we believe our horses and ponies generally are living  long healthy lives with the addition of items like MSM which helps keep their joints supple.If anyone would like to help keep our Equines (or other animals) fit ,happy and healthy please take a look at our wishlist on Amazon.

Several people ringing with cats they have found and three dogs have been returned!  Oh Happy Days!


Our ‘cut off’ day for animal adoptions is this Saturday although as always we may make a rare exception if the circumstances are right (no children, not a present,quiet home etc). Sometimes someone loses a beloved pet just before the holiday and cannot face xmas without a pet to care for and this home may be considered, however exceptions have only been made on very rare occasions so we are not really expecting any pets to go out after this weekend and until the New Year.Generally I t is a busy time for most people and therefore is not the right environment in which to acquire a new pet and settle it in.

No rabbits have been adopted for a while so it was a welcome surprise that we had two bunnies reserved.Little Ron, a sweet Dwarf silver fox bun has  already gone to a home where he will live indoors with another tiny rabbit as a companion.Happy days are ahead for  Little Ron who had been at Freshfilelds for a YEAR! Frankie, the other reserved rabbit has also been here for that length of time.We find it pretty hard rehoming bunnies so this week is an exceptionally good one for them.We only have facilities for a small number and the hutches are usually filled as soon as one goes out. Poor bunnies often have a raw deal in the homes they find themselves in,  caged 24/7,often isolated from their own kind,and left in dirty housing , so it makes our day to know that at least two of our long term buns will have a great life ahead of them.

Ps: Terrier Suzy has gone to live with her finders and has settled well, we are so pleased for her.


We are grateful to Florist  Linda Jones  who kindly  held a flower arranging display locally and raised £80 which she brought to us along with lots of donated petfood.

Please don’t forget we have a fundraiser tonight in Rhosneigr.Danielle and friends are holding a quiz night at 7pm at Wills Bar, The Oyster Catcher pub,Rhosneigr.Anglesey.(Fresh fields xmas cards available)

Also this Saturday the 10th December Veronica and friends area are holding their annual Xmas Fair for Fresh fields  at St Andrews Church hall,Benllech.Anglesey.10am -12.30pm(xmas cards and calenders available)

Please support them if you live locally.It would mean a lot to them and to us.