Sasha is possibly the worst starvation case we have ever seen. She was brought to us after being locked up in someone’s back yard. She was skeletal, shaking all over and so weak she could hardly stand. Her protruding bones were causing her so much pain she even found it difficult to lay down. She was unable to keep warm; the look in her eyes was haunting; they told us just how much she was suffering inside. We had to be so careful with her recovery, gradually building her up with teaspoons of food every couple of hours as this was all her starved body could tolerate.

Sasha is now in the most wonderful and loving home. She lives in luxury along with her best buddy Sonny wanting for absolutely nothing! She’s a real character – cheeky and affectionate, but most importantly, happy. It’s hard to believe that Sasha was able to survive her ordeal years earlier.