Urban Wildlife Conservation Project

Always more than a ‘dog and cat’ rescue Freshfields reach considers every variety of domestic animal. What many people do not realise is just how committed we also are, to our work with urban wildlife.

We have a dedicated Wildlife Unit, which provides support to injured foxes, hedgehogs and all variety of wild bird to name just some of the species we cater for. We have an exceptional Fox Support Programme that provides advice, treatment and recovery support to over 150 sick or injured foxes each year. We also provide care and support to a number of other wildlife species that are displaced or negatively impacted by human activities such as farming or urban development.

Our wildlife team are dedicated to providing around the clock care to all injured wildlife and this means we need to have significant resources on our side – both team members and facilities.


Additionally, we are carrying out a number of educational projects in the community to increase awareness of the impact human activities and gentrification have on displaced wildlife and to nurture and cultivate care towards all species of wild animal.

We are looking to raise funds to set up new educational projects and to provide support to our current wildlife unit.


Needed: £20,000


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