On-site Veterinary Facility Project

With our vet bills regularly exceeding £110,000 per year, we have set off on a mission to reduce them as much as possible. Our vet bills are our biggest ongoing expense, restricting the allocation of funds to our other activities in support of neglected and abused animals and restricting also our ability to carry out educational work within our local community.

To lower our regular vet expenses, we are setting up at our Liverpool site a small vet surgery with a recovery room and a small laboratory, in order to carry out our most frequent vet manipulations. Bringing them on-site will allow us to lower the costs we pay for each manipulation, we will avoid the inevitable and necessary mark-ups imposed by outside practices and will also utilise existing staff hours, instead of paying additionally.

Most importantly, we will increase the standard of care we provide to our animals and will reduce the stress of treatments, by allowing them to recover in a familiar environment with their carers there to comfort them. The whole of the project that we are looking to fund includes the conversion of two of our onsite rooms into vet facilities along with the equipment needed to kit the room.


Needed: £35,000

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