Pixie’s Progress

You may have read abourt Pixie, a small Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy in the care of our Rescue Centre in Wales.  Pixie was diagnosed with a terminal condition, called patent ductus arteriosus (also called PDA). It’s a life-threatening condition, affecting the way the heart pumps blood through the heart and to the rest of the body.

Without surgery, Pixie would not live for more than a year, and through our Crowdfunder appeal we have been raising funds for her operation.

We are glad to report that Pixie’s operation was a success! She was treated at the University of Liverpool Hospital in Leahurst. She is now in a foster home recovering from the surgery, and is wearing a big blue collar to stop her pulling out her stitches. She’s not impressed by that, but the vet knows best!

We will keep you updated in future posts. In the meantime, a huge thank you to the team who performed the surgery, and all the staff at Leahurst. Our staff in North Wales all made significant contributions to Pixie’s treatment, and we cannot thank everyone enough for all they have done. As our supporters, your love for animals matches ours, and allows us to save lives and transform the futures of the animals who need us. Pixie is living proof of what we can achieve together.

Watch this space for more on Pixie’s progress!