Spread the word, not the disease….

A big issue for our Wildlife Unit right now is coping with the influx of abandoned or escaped bunnies who have not been vaccinated. It is common for them to come into contact with wild rabbits and catch the fatal disease, Myxomatosis. The disease is highly contagious and will cause death in 98% of the rabbits who are infected.

We really need your help to appeal to owners of rabbits everywhere: please do vaccinate your pets! The consequences of not doing so are clear: thousands of rabbits are suffering and dying unecessarily. We want to be part of the solution and to use our great family of friends and supporters to help us to get the world out there. You can find more information here:



Vaccination can be done for rabbits from the age of 6 weeks. It’s a vital tool in protecting rabbits from this dreadful disease.
Please support us by sharing this information with your friends. Your help can increase our impact dramatically, and will help save lives. On behalf of rescued rabbits everywhere, a big Thank You.