A new report says that thousands of dogs are put to sleep every year because owners are failing to update their microchip contact details. Apparently 37,000 lost and abandoned dogs were taken into Kennels last year and 1 in 8 pets’ owners couldn’t be traced. Moving house is one of the main reasons for the problem.

Since April, it has been compulsory for dogs to be microchipped and their details kept up to date.

It’s simple to update the details for your dog’s microchip. You can do this online or by phone or post. First, check which microchipping database your dog is registered with. The UK Microchip databases are:,

Anibase 01904 487600
PetIdentity UK 0800 975 1960
PetLog 01296 336 579
Pet Protect 0800 0778558
Pettrac 0800 6529977
Smarttrac 0844 5420999

You can contact them to notify the register of any changes.
If you don’t have the chip number, ask your vet to scan your dog’s microchip.
Happy adopted dog Bob (pictured) found a wonderful new home after a life of harsh treatment as a racing greyhound. Eight years later, he loves going on holidays and is always off exploring. His microchip ensures he can always be reunited with his family if he gets lost on one of his many excursions on the beach.

Please make sure your pet’s ‘chips’ are fresh and update your details on the microchip. It could save a lot of heartache and could save your dog’s life one day!