Sisters Maggie and Matilda were found abandoned in a park at just 5 weeks old. Vets confirmed that they had had some kind of liquid chemical or bleach poured over them. Their eyes were badly damaged and the skin all over their tiny bodies was raw. It appeared as though the liquid had been literally burning their skin and eyes. We had no idea what the future would hold for these two – if they survived at all they quite possibly would be blind.

Maggie & Matilda required constant, around the clock care. None of us could comprehend how these tiny scraps of life were able to endure such pain and discomfort without complaint! These beautiful girls stole everyone’s hearts.

Both dogs are now making up for their horrendous start in life by being spoilt rotten in their wonderful homes. They have grown into sweet natured and loving dogs, who live life to the full and take everything in their stride. Unbelievably they seem to bear no physical or mental scars from those early days.