Many of you have been following and supporting us as we stood together with Toby, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier who was facing a death sentence due to human failings. Toby’s hearing was held yesterday, at a court in Yorkshire, as evidence was submitted and witnesses questioned by the magistrates. Senior staff from Freshfields Animal Rescue were present.

The outcome of the case is that Toby will not be euthanised. He will be rehomed by Freshfields, with certain conditions attached, as determined by the court. We await the written confirmation which willl be sent by the court to Freshfields, and will set out the details of the contingency order.

Sufficient money has been raised via the Crowdfunder to cover legal fees and additional expenses the case has incurred to date. There may be further expenses involved at the point of rehoming, with regards to additional security measures for Toby. Should there be any funds remaining at that point, they will be set aside for similar emergencies in the future.

Everyone at Freshfields is relieved at this result. We always believed in Toby, and we are incredibly grateful to everyone who put their faith in us and donated to Toby’s legal defence fees. We would not have been able to save his life without you. On Toby’s behalf, we want to express our heartfelt thanks.

We will keep you updated on Toby’s progress in due course.