Tuesday; Gentle Roy was offered a home just five minutes after I placed an appeal for him on our Facebook page. Amazing. Even better was the fact that Niel who so quickly responded had already been homechecked by us as he had previously given a home to another oldie from the shelter(sadly passed away now). That meant Roy could leave immediately with his new family. We were elated for Roy to be going to live as a family pet for the first time in his sad life. No more mistreatment, no lying on a cold floor with no bedding, instead he will be receiving all the things that a beloved pet takes for granted, and the most important thing of all, he will be loved. What more could a previously neglected and unloved farm dog want?

As most of us will expect, domestic abuse and marital break ups do not affect only the people involved but often their pets suffer also. Over the weekend we rescued a lurcher mum and her five pups, and a terrier cross from such a home. Often the animals concerned are neglected due to the problems being experienced in the home, though happily this was not the case this time. As with many broken marriages, the one who leaves does not find himself in a situation where pets will be allowed and the pet(s) remain with the one who remains in the family home.More often than not we find that the dogs are either bull breeds or lurchers(working dogs). The 7 we removed from this home , although living outside, were in good condition and were all friendly animals so they had clearly not been mistreated which is always a relief on many counts, not least for the dogs themselves.

Mathilda the pig is causing many problems since she came into season. She has broken out of her field today , chased Mark down the track and caused mayhem. I wish I had been there to video it. It seems she is not a happy pig during this time and she is letting everyone know it. We have had to put her in an empty stable but the horses are terrified of her so before they come in tonight, we are having to sort another temporary place for her to sleep until we can reinforce the gate to her field. There is never a dull moment here.

The torrential rain we are having is getting us all down, everywhere is becoming waterlogged and having put fly sheets on several of our horses out at summer grazing, the staff have had to change the rugs to waterproof ones. There have been so many midges and horseflies around, some of the horses were driven mad with them and the staff who care for them had themselves been bitten almost every day. Fly sheets for the staff perhaps? Somehow I doubt that would go down too well! Waffle of the week: More kittens have come in from a farm. The farmer who brought them in is quite exceptional due to the fact that he not only has been trapping and neutering the adults but also gives us a donation each time we take kittens from him (very, very rare for a farmer to do this). If only more were like him and listened to our advice and showed appreciation of the help we give, how much easier our job would be and fewer unwanted litters born.The ones he brought in today are gorgeous, beautiful stripey babies, and I just adore tabbies (you thought I was going to write babies didn’t you?) Those who know me well would have known I would definitely have written tabbies! There seems little hope of changing the ways of the majority of the farming community here so I am living in hope that the younger generation may be more willing to adopt new ideas and then pass them on to their children. One can only hope!

Wed: The two female lurcher pups have left us today (the same home) and another male pup too. Three down , two to go! I hope the remaining two find their homes soon. I have been asked to take two more pigs which were bought as micro pigs and are quite obviously not, but Mathilda is proving to be a handful and we do not have facilities for more so I am unable to help. Poor pigs, if anyone reading this can help, please let me know. I’ll put my email at the bottom of this. I still have not found a home for the ten months old nanny goat but am still looking and hoping.

Tuesday 5th July. Was delighted to hear that a Vegan restaurant called Voltaire had opened in Garth Road Bangor (by the pier) so of course I had to visit and sample some of the food. What a great joy to find that it was not ALL about healthy eating (though it is anyway) and salads, and that choices included good hearty food like burger and chips, battered onion rings etc. There were so many choices of burger, it was almost overwhelming. Although tempted by them, I decided to go for the steak slices with mushrooms and onions on a bed of dressed salad and it was fantastic. The chocolate fudge cake and ice cream was a real treat, best I have ever tasted and I cannot wait to go back and sample more of their beautifully cooked and presented food. North Wales is finally moving into 20th century dining. Great news. Well done to the owners.

In spite of a special appeal for FIV cat Winston, there has still not been a definite offer, he is desperate for a home of his own and someone to love him, it breaks my heart seeing him stuck in the cattery. There MUST be someone suitable out there surely? An appeal for a kitten called TInkerbell DID work and she is about to leave us for her new home.There seemed to be no reason for her being left behind when prospective adopters arrived, it was just one of those things that happens sometimes.Certain animals get overlooked time and time again and I this case Tinkerbell had the best personality of all the kittens but maybe was not quite as attractive? They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we all thought she was beautiful and I am sure her new family think so too.

Photos: Roy collie (top), Minnie, her pups being held by Jac, Veronica & Kevin and Winston having his weekly bath for his skin.