Demi is perhaps one of our most shocking stories. Boiling water had been poured over her face, she had been burnt with cigarettes, and then eventually she had been taken to the vets to be put to sleep. Luckily Demi was spared that untimely death and she eventually found herself safe here with us at Freshfields. She was very underweight and had eye and skin problems.

As we cared for her, we were continually amazed by her sweet and gentle nature. Demi soon found the loving home she deserved. A home where she was treated like a princess, and experienced all the things that dogs should. Although her skin damage was irreversible, Demi adjusted to her new life as any otherwise normal dog would. Her new family saw past her burns and scars to love her for the delightful dog she was. She was beautiful to them and us, both inside and out.