Our Auction of Promises is back and hopefully bigger than ever! As usual, a range of great experiences and gifts to choose from. We invite you to bid a bit ‘over’ the usual price for these items, with all the proceeds going to help the thousands of animals who are rescued and cared for by Freshfields Animal Rescue.

So far we have a limited edition Beatles Souvenir shirt, a gorgeous cuddly toy dog and a trip on a narrowboat on the Leeds Liverpool canal.

We would love to hear from you if you want to pledge more items – anything from a gardening session to an Easter Hamper!

This auction runs until the end of April, and is a lovely way to raise funds for the animals and treat yourself at the same time.

All funds raised go to help animals like Scooby here, one of the dogs at our Liverpool Rescue Centre. This gorgeous 2 year old Jack Russell lost his home and has had his world turned upside down. He’s a bit stressed in Kennels, but absolutely blossoms once he has some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle. He is a very friendly and affectionate dog, and will make a brilliant companion in a home where he can be the only pet.

For more information on the Auction, please contact Jan Robinson on 07983 160479 or email jan@ghostwalks.org