What a week!  After losing our dear old Callie, we lost Freddie Kruger a few days later. This time we had quite a shock as he had not been ill and was, we thought ,a healthy horse.  A bout of colic claimed his life suddenly and our Vet thinks he may have had tumours on his Gut. Poor fellow, he was 30 years old but we thought he had many good years ahead of him   .This is most  definitely the downside of animal rescue. When Freddie first arrived from Jersey  10 years ago, he was wild and extremely nervous  but he had calmed down considerably over the years ,had become easy to handle and if not actually friendly with us, he trusted us and was happy with his life here.  Poor old boy.RIP.  We will miss you.

We have welcomed a new staff member this week. Deborah is taking over full time duties as Office Administrator and is now  busy learning how to deal with the chaos in our office. Sadly,however,  we will be saying goodbye in a few months time to Veronica and Penny. I  will miss them a great deal and hope that they will still pop in to see us all .I would hate to think  I would not see them again just because they have left our employ.

Someone has abandoned two ponies in Anglesley! Thankfully they have been taken off the roads and are currently  safe on private land, however they need a permanent home. We have just received a call from a lady who has offered them a home for the foreseeable future as long as we can guarantee that we will take them should her cirumstances change. Mei  has told her that we will do all we can to help if that situation occurs but we cannot make  firm promises  for the future.We may have room and resources at that time, but we may possibly not., however we WILL promise that we will do our best to either take them on ourselves, place them  in  another shelter or try to find them homes. Really that is the most we can do.  There are just too many such ponies (so many are Welsh section A’s) needing help and as I have mentioned before, the abandonment of ponies is becoming a huge national problem.

Another 14.2hh cob type mare has just a short time before her owner puts her down.This healthy 18 yrs old called Kessy can be ridden by an experienced rider which aids her adoptability so we have placed an appeal for a permanent or even temporary home for her. Our own situation is mainly funding  (or rather lack of funds)  so although we have 2 empty stables now with the losses we have experienced this past week, we do not feel we are in a position to take on any more Equines.It is very ,very frustrating. I keep hoping for a miracle but there is no sign of it yet! My heart tells me to take her but I have to consider our financial situation.I don’t want to get to the point where we cannot afford the fees for the Vet, the Dentist and the Farrier. That would be unfair on the horses and ponies already in residence. What a dilemma.

We have homed two young dogs this week – Marley the cross lab has gone to live in Cirencester and William the lurcher has left us to live locally.Fingers crossed their homes work out well.

There has been an upset this morning with the Collie and puppies in the dog Pound.We were due to take them over this week but we had a call to tell us that the mother dog had killed two of her pups and also  the orphan pup she took on and which had been doing really well with her.We are all devastated but it was of the utmost urgency to take the remaining pups away from her and so John collected them and took them to  a foster carer. Tania who lives in the Pwylllheli area  has fostered many pups and kittens for us over the years and has been an absolute godsend to us and to the animals in her care so Tania -a huge Thank you  from all of us at the shelter and good luck with the 4 pups.

The abandoned border terriers have had a lot of interest shown in them and  8 yrs old Jimmy is reserved with someone going to see Penny this week . I thought they would take longer as neither are house trained but  fortunately some people are prepared to take on a rescue dog with that issue.After all, we rehome hundreds of ex farm collies  which have never lived indoors and if my memory serves me correctly, none have ever been returned because they are not house trained. Amazing but true!

A lady is planning to hold a flower arranging fundraiser for us and is looking for a suitable venue in either Caernarfon or Bangor.Anyone any ideas?if so please email me at : lesley@freshfieldsrescue.org.uk. The dreaded Zipwire is looming close. If you are taking part, please  send in your registration forms by the end of this week.There are a few still not returned.

This has been the week of the pregnant cat! We have managed to place two heavily pregnant stray cats in foster homes and a mother with newborns has also been placed with one of our ex foster carers who now has his own small  kitten rescue. Adoptable aged kittens are still not around yet but I dread the next two months when there will be literally hundreds needing places.

It is icy cold but a sunny day here today which is a welcome respite from the rain and snow. When the sun comes out I am very tempted to do what the animals  do –lie  on the ground and have a leisurely roll! Instead I will gaze longingly out of the office window where I am typing this and envy those working outside.

Finally, one of my tasks today is to try and find homes for two middle aged goats and two pigs whose owners are  suffering from major health problems.This can be hit and miss.Very occasionally  I have people waiting to give a home to farm animals but right now I have nobody in mind for these 4 so I am far from optimistic – but who knows, I could be lucky.Here’s hoping.

Photos of poor Freddie, Unwanted pony kessy and Marley leaving with his new ‘dad’.