An announcement relating to operational focus at Freshfields Wales

After much soul searching and following a thorough review of operational resources, the very sad decision has been made to end the physical rescue and rehoming of dogs via our Wales branch.

As many of our supporters will be aware, Freshfields Wales does not have council approval for the rescue and rehoming of dogs at our shelter in Nebo and must negotiate day to day operations around this. With shelter staff stretched beyond reasonable limits and no viable back up for returns, it is impossible to achieve and maintain the necessary standards without neglecting other areas of work.

Going forwards… our work with dogs in Wales will take a different focus. We will concentrate our efforts upon building relationships with other shelters that do have both the facilities and resources to take in dogs and we will work toward establishing a reliable network of volunteers able to support owners with transportation. We are currently undertaking the creation of a new web page promoting practical advice for all dogs owners, and including DOs and DON’Ts for rehoming your dog, with added emphasis on those extra things that could potentially be put in place to avoid giving your dog up in the first place.

Whilst the admittance and rehoming of dogs in Wales currently remains sadly beyond us, Freshfields is committed to undertaking all that we reasonably can do to aid unwanted dogs in Wales.  Operational priorities will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

The Trustees – May 2018